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Life Skills

Each resident learns how to plan and prepare her own meals, maintain a home, and care for her newborn. She develops the necessary skills to succeed independently.

Mary’s Shelter volunteers assist residents in navigating the local housing market and securing future housing.

Each Mary’s Shelter resident receives support and encouragement as she completes her GED and earns college credit.
Meet Our Residents:
When you hear the word shelter an image of a giant building with rows of people filled cots pops into your head, well at least in mine it does. I was so nervous about having to call Mary's Shelter for that reason, but Mary's Shelter is no ordinary "shelter," it's a home. I was so shocked to see the amazingly beautiful bedrooms and speak to some of the nicest, kind hearted people I’ve ever met. Mary's Shelter is now a place where my children and I call home. Read More of Brooke's Story...
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