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Life Skills

Each resident learns how to plan and prepare her own meals, maintain a home, and care for her newborn. She develops the necessary skills to succeed independently.

Mary's Shelter volunteers assist residents in navigating the local housing market and securing future housing.

Each Mary's Shelter resident receives support and encouragement as she completes her GED and earns college credit.
Meet Our Residents:
My name is Ashley this is my baby Liam Michael. I am 24 years old. I work in a restaurant called, Thyme to Dine. It's in a building of the Knights of Columbus in Allentown. I found out about Mary's Shelter is through my manager Heather. Without her, I would have had never known about this amazing program. At my job, my boss, manager and coworkers we are all very close. We called ourselves "the kitchen family." I could talk to them about anything. At one point, I was under a lot of stress. My baby's father always yelling at me and threatening me. I dealt with it on a daily basis because he lived right across the street from me. At that point, I lived with a number of people who surely took advantage of me. I was charged a large amount for one room and had other expenses such as utilities and food. With this job it was very hard for me to save up my money. The place I live that was not clean or safe.

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